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Breathe Beauty

I breathe beauty in 
as I behold You
I breathe beauty out 
as I become more me
Then the world will see
Your beauty in me

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I LOVE love

I think I have said it already a hundred times to at least a hundred different people: I love love. Yes, you read it right. I love love!...

Worship, intercession and speaking in tongues

Birthdays are a great moment to reflect on the last years and to look forward for what’s to come. Normally I would ask God questions...


I cannot describe in words what I see in You I cannot make it nor fake it create it nor explain it I can only find the depths of who You...

The Voice of Silence

Sometimes the voice of silence carries the loudest sound the strongest echo the highest frequency Sometimes the voice of silence says...

Joyful obedience

I never really understood the words 'joyful obedience'. To me obedience was linked with feelings of pressure and 'having to'. Actually,...

Keuzevrijheid... Of toch niet!?

Nederland. Het land van de keuzevrijheid. Althans, dat denken we. Ik vind het enorm fascinerend dat wij denken dat we zoveel vrijheid...

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